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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Brampton

We all want our kids to have perfect teeth, but only a few can maintain them without some help. Sealing molars is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to protect your child’s teeth, for several reasons. If you are looking for high quality dental sealants in Brampton, contact Venus Dental Care at 905-451-5999 to get started. Continue reading to find out what dental sealants are, and how your child may benefit from them.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are very thin coatings of a resin material that are applied on the chewing surface of the back teeth (molars and premolars). They seal the tooth, shielding it from bacteria that sticks onto the tooth and causes cavities to develop. They can be applied to children’s teeth, as well as adult teeth, and reduce the risk of cavities significantly.

before and after dental sealant placement in Brampton
Before and After Dental Sealant Placement.

Why Are Dental Sealants Placed On Teeth?brush unable to clean grooves on teeth needs fissure sealant

The chewing surfaces of the molar and premolar teeth have grooves, called “fissures”, that make them vulnerable to decay. These fissures can be deep, are difficult to clean, and can be narrower than even a single bristle of a toothbrush.

Bacteria accumulates in these areas, and creates acid that attacks the enamel and cavities can develop. Dental sealants, also known as pit and fissure sealants, provide extra protection for the grooved and pitted areas by providing a smooth surface covering over the fissured area.

How Are Pit And Fissure Sealants Applied?

1. Cleaning: To help provide a good seal, your dental professional will thoroughly clean the teeth receiving the treatment so that no plaque or food debris is hiding. There is no drilling or scraping of the teeth. The tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned with a paste and rotating brush. Then the tooth is washed with water and dried.

2. Prepping: An acidic solution is placed on the fissured area of the tooth’s chewing surface for a few seconds before being rinsed off. This creates small microscopic areas and a fine rougher surface than the surrounding tooth enamel. The rough surface and microscopic areas enable the dental sealant to attach to the tooth.

3. Sealant Application: The sealant is then painted onto grooves of the teeth, where it bonds directly to the tooth and hardens.

4. Curing: In the final step, your oral care provider will use a special blue light called a “curing” light to help harden the sealant. After the procedure, you can eat and drink right away.

dental sealants application process

When Should My Child Get Dental Sealants?

It is best to have dental sealants applied as early as possible so that no bacteria is trapped inside teeth grooves and there has been absolutely no decay yet. This means that the best time to have sealants applied is around age six, when the first adult teeth come in. However, sealants can be applied at any age.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can last many years. Our team will monitor the condition of your sealant during your regular dental check ups. If necessary, it is also possible to place a new dental sealant on the tooth.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Sealants?

Most dental insurances do provide coverage for sealants. Our team will be happy to contact your insurance provider to get a complete breakdown for you.

The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants have been used and have been proven to be effective since the 1970s. Dental sealants are becoming more popular as a way to keep teeth protected in between dental appointments. They’re ideal for children as well as patients that are prone to dental caries, or are concerned about their oral health.

Sealant Placement Is Quick and Painless

The process of sealing all of your teeth can take less than an hour in the dental chair. Sealants are applied using a brush and hardened with a curing light, so there’s no pain, and each tooth takes only a few minutes to complete.

Great for Children

Since children aren’t able to take ideal care of their teeth, including brushing and flossing properly, until they are about nine years old, dental sealants make up for the gap and prevent cavities.

girl child with dental sealants

Improve Your Oral Health With Dental Sealants

Your oral health is improved with each step you take towards protecting your teeth. Pit and fissure sealants act as a barrier to protect the enamel from plaque and acids. Plaque contains bacteria, which accumulates over time and can result in multiple problems. These include:


  • Gingivitis or early gum disease
  • Destruction of the tooth enamel
  • Development of cavities
  • Advanced periodontitis, which breaks down gum tissue and underlying bone


Although oral disease can be stopped in its tracks, it can’t be reversed. By sealing molars and premolars soon after they erupt, you can prevent the occurrence of oral disease at its root cause.

Where Can I Get Dental Sealants In Brampton, ON?

The trained professionals at Venus Dental Care offer dental sealants in Brampton, ON. It’s never too early to encourage good dental care in your child. Don’t wait for problems to develop; have your child’s molars and premolars examined as soon as they erupt. Our team will determine whether pits and fissures can increase your child’s risk for cavities. If so, sealing molars and premolars before any problems arise is the best way to ensure the protection of your child’s lifelong dental health.

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