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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Brampton

Laser dentistry is a new technology that helps us treat you with a high degree of precision and accuracy. A laser is a device that emits a beam of concentrated light energy in a specific wavelength. Laser technology has been around since the 1960s, and it has revolutionized dentistry in the past years. Venus Dental Care brings the benefits of laser dentistry to patients in the Brampton and Greater Toronto Area.

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What Is Laser Dentistry?

Used for a variety of procedures, lasers are high-technology devices that generate a beam of concentrated light in short pulses to remove areas of infection or tooth decay with great precision. They are pain-free and vibration-free and generally eliminate the need for numbing and needles. The laser beam also sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels, minimizing the chance of infection or bleeding. 

The most common types of lasers found in the dental office fall into three categories of use, depending on the area of treatment. 

  1. Hard tissue (teeth)
  2. Soft tissue (gums)
  3. Aesthetic dentistry procedures such as curing of tooth-colored filling materials and tooth whitening. 

Are Lasers Safe In Dentistry? 

In the hands of a skilled, specially trained dentist, lasers are considered safe. Because dental lasers are low-powered, they are appropriate for treating the delicate tissues of the mouth. In addition, the controlled heat and light of the laser destroys many bacteria and viruses found in the mouth. 

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What Procedures Can Be Done With Laser Dentistry?

We use a soft tissue diode laser to: 

  • Treat gum disease.
  • Relieve the discomfort of cold and canker sores.
  • Expose wisdom teeth that have not erupted through the gums.
  • Reshape gums for improved smile aesthetics.
  • Treat root canal infection.

Low level laser therapy with a cold laser reduces inflammation, relieves chronic pain, and speeds wound healing. We use the cold laser to: 

  • Improve periodontal healing.
  • Boost healing of dental implants.
  • Alleviate discomfort from TMJ disorders.

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What Are The Benefits of Laser Dentistry Over Traditional Treatment? 

Laser dental patients report feeling much more comfortable during and after treatment. In many cases, the need for anesthetic injections is eliminated along with their associated side effects. In addition, patients spend less time in the dental chair! 

Other benefits include:

  • Greater precision
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Reduced bleeding during gum surgery
  • Decreased post-operative pain
  • Less noise than traditional dental drills
  • No vibration
  • Increased conservation of healthy tissue

Does Laser Treatment Take Less Time Than Conventional Procedures? 

Yes! Without the time required to administer anesthetic and wait for it to take effect, routine fillings can usually be performed faster. Additionally, cosmetic procedures, tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays and sealants can be hardened in about one quarter of the time required by conventional means.

Will I Still Need a Local Anesthetic With Laser Treatment? 

Most patients tell us they are very comfortable throughout the laser treatment. However, we will review your individual situation personally before treatment to provide you with the option that’s most comfortable. In some cases, we may recommend local anesthetic prior to treatment. 

What Sensations Will I Feel During the Laser Procedure? 

You will hear a quiet popping and the slight hissing sound of an air jet attached to the laser. You will feel the touch of the handpiece and a spray of water once the treatment begins. 

Can Laser Dentistry Fix a Gummy Smile?

Yes! Laser gum shaping and contouring makes use of a specially designed dental laser to correct certain periodontal conditions such as gummy smiles and asymmetrical gum tissues. The procedure has aesthetic and functional value. Laser contouring is used as an alternative to the traditional scalpel for treating a gummy smile-line. The patient does not have to endure uncomfortable cutting and suturing. With the use of the laser, there is minimal bleeding and discomfort. The laser vaporizes the excessive gum tissue and seals it. At the same time it kills harmful bacteria thereby reducing the chances of an infection.

Laser gum shaping and contouring can be carried out as a stand-alone procedure or along with another procedure such as dental veneers. The objective is to provide you with a smile that is natural and proportional.

Will My Insurance Pay For Laser Dental Services?

Pre-approval may be necessary. Our team will be happy to check with your insurance company for coverage of laser treatments.

Where Can I Find A Dentist For Laser Dentistry In Brampton?

The trained professionals at Venus Dental Care offer laser dentistry in Brampton, ON. Our investment in laser dentistry is part of our commitment to providing gentle, effective treatment options to help you enjoy a healthy mouth with minimal treatment discomfort. If you have further questions or concerns about laser treatment, please ask us!

To schedule an appointment with a dentist in Brampton click here, call 905-451-5999, or email For your convenience, we provide the same, excellent quality dental service at our Mississauga location: Britannia Dental Care.

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